Love Your Body Day
   'Everyone is Beautiful' - graphic designed by Kristine Osborne

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Results from the 2012 Love Your Body Survey

Thanks to everyone who filled out the online Love Your Body Survey -- NOW Foundation received thousands of responses! The results are below, showing the percentage of respondents that chose each answer. Many of you typed in your own responses, and we promise to post highlights from those comments very soon -- we're still reading them all, and they're quite interesting! So, please check back for more results.

#1) What was the worst body image-related incident or trend from the past year?

  • The fuss over Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas's hair - 13%
  • Weight-based bashing of women Olympic athletes - 16%
  • The continued slighting of women of color on Vanity Fair's Hollywood issue covers - 2%
  • The obsession with Jessica Simpson's pregnancy weight - 11%
  • Media mania over Hillary Clinton's hair scrunchies - 5%
  • Newsweek's blindfolded woman cover - 4%
  • The continued exploitation of young girls, like in "Toddlers and Tiaras" and fashion magazines - 43%
  • Suggest your own - 6%

#2) What was the most inspiring body image-related event or trend from the past year?

  • The women's gymnastics team dazzling us with their athleticism and their show of support for each other at the Summer Olympics - 9%
  • Strong comebacks from women weightlifters Holley Mangold and Zoe Smith to weight-based insults - 7%
  • Veteran Tammy Duckworth proudly showing her prosthetic legs on stage at the Democratic Convention - 13%
  • TV shows with more diverse women in lead roles (and as creators!), like "Girls" and "The Mindy Project" and shows like "Push Girls" that feature women often missing from popular culture - 10%
  • The girls who convinced Seventeen Magazine to stop using Photoshop to alter women's and girls' body sizes and face shapes - 51%
  • Amy Poehler's "Ask Amy" video about wearing make-up - 2%
  • Lady Gaga's admission that she's struggled with eating disorders and her new body revolution project - 5%
  • Suggest your own - 3%

#3) What would you most like to see change in relation to images of women and girls?

  • More different body types of women and girls in the media - 9%
  • More women of color in the media - 1%
  • More women of all ages in the media - 3%
  • More women who break the conventional mold of gender presentation - 4%
  • More women with disabilities in the media - 0.5%
  • No more images that exploit violence against women - 7%
  • All of the above! - 73%
  • Suggest your own - 2%

#4) What action would make the most impact in promoting positive body image?

  • The fashion industry should use more diverse models -- not just one or two token plus-size models and women of color - 10%
  • Magazines and advertisers should stop using Photoshop to create unrealistic images of women - 25%
  • TV and movies need to hire a broader range of women actors, not just ones who look like models - 13%
  • Advertisers should stop selling products by trying to convince women that there's something wrong with everything about them - 21%
  • Women should stop spending money on "beauty" products and cosmetic procedures - 3%
  • Stop using words like fat and ugly, especially in front of girls - 5%
  • We all need to see more successful, smart, powerful women in the media, particularly on shows where men dominate, like the Sunday political shows - 19%
  • Suggest your own - 5%

#5) Tell us what you'd like to see the Love Your Body campaign do in the future.

Highlights from your comments coming soon.




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