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Fact Sheet: Cosmetic Surgery

In 2001, more than 8.5 million people had cosmetic procedures in the United States. Of these, 88% were women.

Over 385,000 people had liposuction in 2001, and over 215,000 people received breast implants.

Almost 20% of females who participated in a recent telephone survey said they have had or think they will have cosmetic surgery at some point in their lives.

According to a recent survey, the thighs are the part of the body that women would most want to change, with 35% of women saying they would change their thighs if they could.

Only about 60% of the women surveyed said that being content with their current appearance is what would prevent them from having cosmetic surgery.

The most dangerous procedures involve performing liposuction and another procedure at the same time. For instance, when a liposuction and a tummy-tuck are performed together, the mortality rate jumps to one in every 3,281 surgeries.

Botox injections are the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure and over 1.5 million injections were performed in 2001. Botox procedure essentially paralyze the muscles in the face to eliminate frown lines in patients by preventing the muscles from contracting.

Common Procedures for Teenagers:

Rhinoplasty, Breast Reduction, Otoplasty (protruding ears), Acne and Acne Treatment, Correction of Enlarged Breasts in Boys, Breast Augmentation, Correction of Breast Asymmetry, and Liposuction.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has no formal position on cosmetic plastic surgery for teenagers.

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