Love Your Body Day
   'Everyone is Beautiful' - graphic designed by Kristine Osborne

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Let's Talk About It: A Project of NOW Foundation's Love your Body Campaign


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Tips on what to say in your video:

The main goal of this project is to encourage everyone to have a better relationship with their bodies. We want you to inspire others by talking about:

  • What the circumstances were that led you to think you had a body image issue
  • What the "Aha!" moment was that made you realize it was time to stop the madness and start accepting yourself
  • What it was that led you to quit harming yourself and start loving your body
  • How you overcame your struggles

Give anecdotes and be honest about what you went through. People love to hear stories of redemption. You can also simply talk about why you love your body and what makes you special.

Please refrain from talking about how to diet, what you eat, how much you weigh or how much you exercise. We want to steer clear of the negative obsessions that lead to unhealthy dieting and eating. We want to create a sense of community where we can all share our thoughts without scrutiny, criticism or negativity.

You may edit your video by adding music and effects, but oftentimes simple is best. What we are really looking for are personal testimonials, not just picture slideshows.

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*Please note that while we would like to, we cannot promise to review all of the videos submitted.

Submission Guidelines

  • YouTube/Google Account
    In order to upload your video, you must have a valid YouTube account. Click here to create a YouTube account.
  • 5 minute time limit
    Please submit only 1 video under 5 minutes in length. Videos over 5 minutes will not be considered.
  • Title your video
    Use the title "Let's Talk About It: [your name] in [your location]." For example: "Let's Talk About It: Tamara in Chicago"
  • Description
    Please make sure the following text is included in your description: "Let's Talk About It: A Project of NOW Foundation's Love Your Body Campaign"
  • Tags
    Please tag your video with the following (as well as your own) keywords and phrases:
    - Let's Talk About It Project
    - Love Your Body
    - National Organization for Women
    - NOW Foundation
    - NOW

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