Love Your Body Day
   'Everyone is Beautiful' - graphic designed by Kristine Osborne

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2012 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week
"Everybody Knows Somebody"

[image - #LoveYourBody Tweet Chat on Wednesday, Feb. 29, 4pm - 5pm Eastern]


[image - Click here to RSVP to the Official Facebook Event for the #LoveYourBody Tweet Chat]

Join us for our tweet chat as part of our partnership with the National Eating Disorders Association for NEDAwareness Week 2012.

Not on Twitter? We want to hear from you, too. Learn more »

What Is A Tweet Chat?

A tweet chat is a real-time conversation on Twitter. Participants use a common hashtag (#LoveYourBody) to respond to questions the moderator and other participants pose. Tweets (Twitter messages) are limited to 140 characters, which keeps responses succinct.


Register for Twitter

Twitter is free! Sign up here


How to Participate:

1) Go to and sign-in via Twitter.

2) Visit the #LoveYourBody chat room on to follow the conversation in real-time. FYI: you can search for the #LoveYourBody hashtag on twitter, but that page will not update in real-time.

*Important - if you tweet directly from, you do not need to add the #LoveYourBody hashtag to your tweets. already includes the hashtag for you.

3) If you wish to tweet directly from Twitter (instead of tweeting from, open a new browser tab and login to your twitter account.

4) Keep track of when someone replies or mentions you by opening a third browser tab to your twitter home page and clicking on the "@Mentions" link. Whenever anyone replies to your tweet or mentions you, it will display here. Tweet chats can go a little fast, so this is a handy way of keeping track of when someone is talking directly to you.


Who Will Be Tweeting?


Attention Non-Tweeters: Your Voices Are Important!

Even if you're not on Twitter and don't intend to start now, we still want to include your views in the tweet chat. Send your comments to NOW Communications Director Lisa Bennett, your proud "old school" representative, who will tweet them for you live. Please write your comments about body image issues in short, bulleted statements of 24 words or less each, so they are easy to tweet. We need them by 9 a.m. EST the morning of the tweet chat, Feb. 29. Thanks for contributing to this important discussion!


  • Society is so obsessed with appearance. Why do we care about someone's color, size, or hair texture? Look beyond the surface.
  • I jumped off the diet treadmill years ago, and I'm much happier. Throw away your scale and do things that truly bring you joy!
  • Aging can be hard, but fighting nature is expensive & endless. I vowed not to hand over my hard-earned $ to the beauty police.
  • Refusing to compete on the basis of looks is a political statement. Do something powerful: Change the world, not your thighs!

Note: In order to include your comment in the live stream of tweets, NOW must add the #LoveYourBody "hash tag" onto the end. So, for any comments that exceed 126 characters (including spaces), NOW will need to shorten them. We cannot promise to post all of your comments, but we'll do our best.



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